Wheel Cerb AS

Wheel Cerb AS is a multi-factor user authentication solution. Designed for secure and convenient login to a variety of services and environments. It enables centralized user management and complete access control using modern authentication methods, including smartphones and hardware tokens.


  • web-based management interface
  • SDK for seamless integration with existing banking systems
  • mobile application generating tokens independent of the GSM network
  • active Directory support enabling importing users definitions from different AD domains
  • SMS broker support for sending one-time passwords in text messages
  • Yubikey and ActivIdentity hardware tokens, TAN cards and static password support
  • RADIUS protocol implementation enabling seamless integration with solutions from IT vendors such as Juniper, CISCO, Checkpoint, Fortinet or Nokia
  • self-registration service for faster provisioning and lower maintenance efforts
  • PUSH notifications support

Authentication methods

Wheel Cerb AS allows for using a number of different authorization methods making it a complete system which can be deployed in practically any environment.


It’s an easy to use an application installed on a mobile phone, which generates one-time passwords for logging-in. CERBToken operates fully off-line as it does not communicate with CERB. Passwords are generated using cryptographical methods and are verified upon logging-in. CERBToken supports multiple profiles allowing for using the single app for accessing different environments, e.g. a bank, the corporate network, or an internet banking service. CERBToken can generate one-time passwords using time (a password is generated for a given moment), counter (passwords are generated one after another upon explicit request). The CERBToken application is available for the following platforms: iOS, Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry.


Enables sending passwords in text messages. A user enters his login on the website and receives a password valid only for a defined time period and only for this particular authentication request. The SMSToken also offers a password on demand function – the user sends a text message to a specific number and in response receives a list of passwords (e.g. 5 passwords) which can be used for logging in to the corporate network, a portal, etc. within a specified time interval (e.g. For a period of 8 hrs after receiving the message).

Third party hardware tokens

Wheel Cerb AS supports a variety of third party hardware tokens, small devices generating one-time passwords.

TAN cards, passwords list, and emails

Wheel Cerb AS also enables distributing passwords using more traditional methods such as TAN cards (scratch cards) or password lists. Wheel Cerb AS integrates with printing and enveloping systems and all volume and time validity parameters are fully configurable. One-time passwords can be also sent in emails along with the information regarding their validity.

Static passwords

Wheel Cerb AS also supports static passwords. Users who cannot use the CERBToken application can authenticate using a static password.

Business advantages

Secure access to a corporation's resources.

  • low TCO deriving from CERBToken: cost of smartphone tokens are much lower than the cost of hardware tokens
  • only active users are licensed
  • lifetime license – no need to periodically replace tokens with new ones
  • free software updates within the given product version
  • no logistics costs (hardware tokens have to be delivered to the user. CERBToken can be installed and configured by the user.)
  • no costs resulting from unreliable hardware solutions
  • no costs resulting from losing a dedicated hardware solution
  • ease of use. A mobile phone is something that you won’t leave behind when leaving the house. We often forget about hardware solutions. No need to abandon currently used user authentication solutions. RADIUS protocol support ensures rapid integration with existing resources

"CERB is one of the most advanced authorization solution worldwide. If you decide to go with CERB, you will receive a wide selection of passwords generation methods, easy administration and rapid integration with already owned systems. CERB is complete control over access to IT environments."

Patryk Brożek, CEO of WHEEL Systems

  • Wheel Cerb AS supports cluster configuration - in case of failure of one of the nodes, it is possible to maintain service continuity. This is crucial for the key element of the IT infrastructure, which is the authentication mechanism.

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