Did you know that: 55% of security breaches were related to privileged accounts misuse, as much as 60% of errors resulted from system administrators mistakes (Source: Verizon “2015 Data Breach Investigation report”). Privileged accounts enable unrestricted access to essential IT resources: main servers, networking equipment or workstations. Lack of control over privileged users is a direct threat to the integrity and security of your data. Moreover taking control over access to privileged accounts by an outsider, can lead to data leaks or a company being compromised.

This is why it is important to implement proven solutions, which constantly manage the entire privileged architecture, including users, accounts and remote sessions.

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WHEEL FUDO PSM enables establishing privileged sessions, supervising ongoing connections, blocking unauthorized actions and managing access rights. It enables constant control over the security of monitored IT systems.

Thanks to WHEEL FUDO PSM anonymous access becomes fully attributable. We know who has access to privileged accounts in the client’s infrastructure. We know by whom and at what time those accounts were accessed, as well as which users are more active and which accounts are most frequently used. Live supervision and the ability to playback recorded sessions enables better control and event analysis.

Supported protocols

  • command line protocols: SSH, Telnet, Telnet 3270
  • graphical protocols: RDP, VNC, X11
  • database protocols; Oracle, MySQL, TDS implementation for MS SQL
  • other protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, Modbus

Live sessions

  • ongoing sessions supervision in a web browser
  • one click launches an internal player without the need to install additional software
  • command line session material is fully interactive which enables copying content to the clipboard

Quick session blocking

  • in case of any unauthorized activities, WHEEL FUDO PSM enables pausing or the termination of a session along with revoking access rights

Remote co-working

  • co-sharing session enables the system administrator to join a given connection and work along the remote user

Uniform and independent environment

  • WHEEL FUDO PSM does not require the installation of additional software or agents, which enables rapid deployment and integration with existing IT infrastructures


  • recorded material is encrypted and can also be timestamped

Easy to use administration interface

  • an intuitive and ergonomic administration panel ensures convenient and effective management

Session sharing

  • WHEEL FUDO PSM enables sharing session with third parties in the form of a URL link

Detailed session information

  • WHEEL FUDO PSM stores all session's data and metadata, which includes transferred files, keystrokes and cursor movement. The session player allows for skipping inactivity intervals, fast-forwarding as well as seeking to a specific time within the recorded content. Additionally, RDP and VNC sessions can be OCR processed. Recorded sessions can be exported to video format. Sessions can be commented and tagged while full-text search and advanced filtering options enable finding desired content quickly

Live session supervision and proactive monitoring

  • WHEEL FUDO PSM enables live session supervision by designated personnel as well as automated actions upon detecting unauthorized user actions specified as patterns

Directory services support

  • WHEEL FUDO PSM supports LDAP and Active Directory services which allows  a user's definitions to be imported as well as verifying the user's login credentials

Authentication mechanisms

  • WHEEL FUDO PSM authenticates users using the following mechanisms: locally stored passwords, Cerb, Radius, and SSH keys

Runtime login and password substitution

  • WHEEL FUDO PSM can, after successful authentication, substitute credentials provided by the user with credentials configured in Fudo or fetched from a third party Password Vault solution. With the substitution feature in use, the actual login credentials to target hosts do not have to be disclosed to end-users

High availability

  • WHEEL FUDO PSM supports a multi-master cluster configuration ensuring high availability and performance scaling

Anonymous connections

  • monitoring anonymous connections, i.e. without authenticating users by WHEEL FUDO PSM

Data security

  • stored session data is encrypted with AES-XTS 256
  • cryptographic data integrity verification


  • the user's productivity is represented in the form of comprehensible charts enabling work efficiency analysis

Business advantages

  • WHEEL FUDO PAM minimizes forensic analysis. It enables instant access to questionable sessions which may be viewed in video mode just as if you were looking at the suspect’s screen.
  • Secret Manager module saves money on passwords management and provides the ability to define password change policies. No more password sharing, no additional work on setting up and recovering passwords. Not to mention the savings that result from properly protecting this kind of information.
  • Quick ROI. Efficieny Analyzer is a unique business intelligence module, which enables monitoring activity of remote consultants and contractors. It’s a perfect means for verifying service contracts and maintenance arrangements.
  • We know it’s hard to convince finance departments to invest in security. FUDO comes with a perfect business case, which ensures that the solution will earn real money for the company.
  • WHEEL FUDO PAM is a reliable shield, protecting older operating systems and network protocols against attacks.
  • Use the recorded sessions as training materials. Don’t pay for additional training, record critical procedures and send them to new employees to implement in the future.
  • Evidence in court. FUDO features session time stamping and records raw network traffic. This way, a recorded session can be used as an evidence in the court.
  • Administrator, protect yourself! We all don’t like being watched, but if you do your job properly, FUDO will prove that it wasn’t you who made a mistake.
  • Low TCO. Rapid deployment. FUDO is an all-in-one solution, no agents, no need to purchase a Windows Server license for the jump host, or any additional software. Sold as a hardware appliance (or a virtual one) which may be fully operational within a few hours!

„For a large number of our clients, FUDO has earned the invested money back within the first few months from deployment, as it’s not only forensic analysis but also a more efficient work for the hired consultant, monitored with business intelligence technology integrated in FUDO”.

Patryk Bro┼╝ek, WHEEL Systems CEO

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