Lynx Infinity

A complex structure of modern networks forces the performance of all their elements to increase. Wheel Lynx SSL/TLS Decryptor’s model Infinity decrypts traffic with a throughput of over 50 Gbps, which makes it the fastest and the most advanced solution available.

A larger throughput of the appliance means an opportunity to simplify IT infrastructures and security systems.

Moreover, higher efficiency enables implementing the appliance to protect IT infrastructures not only against north and south perimeter penetration attempts but also against attacks performed from within a company’s internal network. In addition, the user panel with an intuitive and flexible network flow configurator enables you to quickly adjust your device even when deployed within a complex network infrastructure. A customizable dashboard gives a lot of insight into key information, ie. the amount of encrypted traffic or versions of SSL/TLS in use.


  • High efficiency allows feeding a couple of external DLP/IDS/IPS with data simultaneously.
  • Reducing the load of security solutions by delegating decryption process.
  • High throughput of the appliance allows to simplify the infrastructure.


Wheel Lynx SSL/TLS Decryptor Datasheet

The fastest decryptor

"Creating the world's fastest SSL/TLS decryption tool was a huge undertaking. It involved months of work analyzing and testing hardware, identifying an optimal system architecture and lab testing. All so we could present our finished product, which will revolutionize the industry."

Pawel Jakub Dawidek, CTO of Wheel Systems.

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