Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management solutions enable monitoring, controlling and recording of privileged access sessions within an IT infrastructure.

What are the opportunities for access rights misuse in remote access sessions?

  • sharing accounts
  • sharing passwords
  • granting additional access rights to other users
  • creating hidden or unused accounts
  • lack of access control.
  • no control or verification over access rights

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Who are privileged users?

Privileged users can be trusted internal employees, external contractors, or internally programmed service accounts. It can also be a malicious user with access to privileged accounts and resources. All privileged users have access to the company’s critical resources, which include:

  • servers, firewalls, routers, storage solutions
  • databases, file systems
  • AD domain controllers, LDAP servers, Radius servers
  • copyrighted content, source code
  • confidential data
  • access systems
  • other critical and confidential information

What are privileged accounts?

Privileged accounts provide unrestricted access to IT infrastructure resources. Most access rights infringements result from inappropriate privileged accounts management. 88% of data breaches are directly related with incorrect access rights assignments. 71% of internally executed attacks occur during working hours. 75% of those remain unnoticed. Privileged accounts include:

  • administrator accounts
  • database accounts
  • application accounts
  • disabled accounts
  • contractor accounts
  • service accounts created manually or programmed (for example in service CPUs)





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